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Q: What is this Sanity Clause nonsense?

A: The Sanity Clause is a simple mailing list for putting responsible Motion Graphics Producers in touch with talented Motion Graphics Artists. We're not an agency, we don't offer guarantees or warranties, and we don't charge anyone anything. We just want to support the indusrty we love.


Q: Why a mailing list? We've all been doing this by word-of-mouth for ages...

A: Sure, but is that really the best way to run an industry? Our goal is to streamline the chaotic, frustrating and often counter-productive process of staffing motion graphics projects. For producers, this system offers a fast and reliable way to contact proven talent. For artists, it's a great way to find sane work. Finally, The Sanity Clause (at least attempts to) get everyone on the same page and avoid surprises.


Q: But haven't people tried this kind of thing before?

A: Yes, there's been Frank Work, The Motion Graphics User's Group, some agencies have tried to rep animators... but The Sanity Clause is different because we don't want what they wanted. This isn't some web 2.0 booking system or a skull-and-bones society, and we're not trying to make money off of anyone. This is a simple Google Groups mailing list that's completely voluntary and completely free. Producers can post without signing up for anything, and artists can subscribe or unsubscribe as easily as with any other Google Groups account.


Q: OK, well how does it work?

A: Seriosuly, it's just a mailing list. For producers, simply fill out the submission form then sit back and play Angry Birds until phone calls and emails start rolling in. You'll get a copy of your own submission immediately for proof-reading, and you'll get a confirmation email shortly thereafter once a moderator approves and posts your job. For artists, the link above will take you to our Google Groups page where you can sign up for the mailing list.


Q: Who are the artists? What is your membership policy and what do you mean by "proven" talent?

A: Well, that's an interesting question and was the subject of much debate. The Sanity Clause isn't useful to anyone if it's just Craigslist, but being snooty or elitist doesn't work for anyone either. Our solution is that we have one single membership requirement: A producer, art director, or another existing Sanity Clause member has to vouch for new artists as being "professional." That doesn't mean all our artists are rockstars, it means we all show up on time, work while we're at work, and represent our abilities honestly. Sanity Clause members range from ten year veterans to first year Otis grads - but we've all been in the trenches and we're all ready to kick some ass.


Q: I'm a producer and you sent me a terrible artist / I'm an artists and you sent me to work at a terrible studio! What gives?

A: First of all, we don't send anybody anywhere. Our only job is to put people in touch with each other. That said, encouraging sanity and reducing frustration is the whole point of this thing. If you have a complaint, send it to the address below and we'll do what we can to mediate. As stated above, we make no guarantees express or implied - but we do have an interest in keeping up the integrity of the group.


Q: Who runs this thing?

A: Nobody! Ok, well not nobody, but nobody in particular. The Sanity Clause is currently administered by David Glicksman, a local freelance animator, and other artists who share the workload. But regardless of who owns the domain, The Sanity Clause is meant to be more of a community effort than something that belongs to any one person. It's a dead-simple conduit between artists and producers, and we don't want that to change. Ever. If you have a burning issue you can contact us below, but really - The Sanity Clause is a mailing list!



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If you're not already a member, signing up is simple. We only have one membership guideline, but we take it very seriously: you must have someone willing to vouch for you as being "professional." It's not an elitism thing - we're happy to take first year juniors and ten year veterans alike. What we care about is that producers can trust us all to be hard working professionals, and to do the work we say we'll do. In return, if we hold up our end of this deal, we can expect them to hold up theirs!

The link below will take you to our mailing list's application page. You'll need a Google account, but it's the 21st century - you need one anyway. Send us a link to your demo reel, curriculum vitae, and a solid reference (a producer, art director, or another Sanity Clause member who can give you the thumbs-up), and we'll put you on the list.

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